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In Patch 4.1, Guild Challenges can be found in the guild information pane and involve completing weekly objectives in dungeons, rated battlegrounds and raids.

Q: How can I complete the challenges?

A: Form a group with at least 3 guildies for 5-man dungeons, 8 for 10-man raids and rated battlegrounds or 20 for 25-man raids and choose your own adventure. There is a weekly cap for the challenges completed.

Q: What’s in it for me?

A: Gold and guild xp are some of the cool rewards promised by Blizzard. Stay tuned for more


Great news rezzers can look forward to in Patch 4.1:

A dead player can now be resurrected by targeting them using the Party or Raid Frame even if they have released. No more hunting for corpses.

Head to the WoW forums for the official Cataclysm Patch 4.1 PTR notes and check WoW Insider for a full coverage of the changes in the incoming patch.

Blizzard’s idea for world peace: Soon, no DPS will ever have to share his random dungeon candy.

Patch 4.1 PTR note: The Dungeon Finder now attempts to avoid putting damage-dealing classes with the same armor type in a group.

But will this mean even longer LFD waiting times for certain classes? According to Warcraft Realms (based on data collected by Warcraft CensusPlus UI mod), the distribution of level 85 characters that wear similar armor types look like this:

Out of 2,374,344 total characters surveyed:

35% wear plate armor: DK (11%), warrior (10%) and paladin (14%)
20% wear mail armor: hunter (11%) and shaman (9%)
18% wear leather armor: druid 12% and rogue 6%
28% wear cloth armor: priest 10%, mage 11% and warlock 7%.


Soon, you will be able to shop for a guild like you order coffee at Starbucks. Choose your favorite combo according to guild playstyle (casual, moderate or hardcore), availability (weekends or weekdays) and  class role (tank, healer or dps). Heck, you can even post a mini-resume and browse for guilds with current openings. Nice screenshots of the proposed Looking for Guild Interface from the Public Test Realm available here.

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Firelands raid delayed: “Not Winning”

By the TWM Wire Staff (March 9, 2011 3:20 p.m. EST)

Los Angeles (TWM) — Charlie Sheen’s Tiger Blood boiled as he spewed a tirade online last night, after he just learned that he will have to wait for Cataclysm Patch 4.2 to see the Firelands raid.

Charlie Sheen is an actor and self-professed warlock with marital, legal and substance abuse problems stemming from frustrations about his inability to raid the Firelands in Patch 4.1.

“I feel more alive, I feel more focused, I feel more energetic,” Sheen told TWM last month about his Firelands raiding plan. “I’m on a quest to claim absolute victory on every front.” But his epic-winning mood soured when someone pointed out to him that only Zul’Aman and Zul’Gurub 5-man dungeons will be available in WoW soon.

He accused Blizzard and World of Warcraft developers of “narcissism, greed and hatred of yourself — or women,” and disdain for raiders who like to nuke Fire Elementals in WoW. “You gave me your word so you gave me nothing. It must really suck being your missus.”

“A high treason has occurred,” Sheen concluded. “The scales of justice are in a state of radical disarray. Together we must right this infantile wrong. Stay tuned, good soldiers. I’ll see you all on the battlefield. Dogspeed” he faded as he cried himself to sleep.

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Blizzard thinks you are not ready for a new Cataclysm raid yet, so Ragnaros is getting a reprieve. Eurogamer confirmed that the next tier Firelands raid will appear in Patch 4.2 instead of 4.1 as originally scheduled.

Q: What is a Fireland?

A:Firelands is a raid encounter on the Elemental Plane of Fire in which players will once again face Ragnaros, a boss made famous by the Molten Core raid in vanilla WoW.” Not to be confused with Midsummer Fire Festival.

Patch 4.1 will now offer “new versions of the troll dungeons Zul’Aman and Zul’Gurub, previously small raid encounters for 10 players or more at lower levels”. Or as Larisa puts it, the main dish to be served in the first Cataclysm patch is a pre-chewed chewing gum.

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