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Cataclysm Hot Market Tip#1:  Infinite Dust

The price of Infinite Dust has more than tripled post-Cataclysm. It sells from 3g to 8g each depending on the server, according to recent data from The Undermine Journal.  There is a consistent demand for this enchanting material so it is a safe bet for flipping;  buying whenever the price drops under 70% and reposting  at 120% can yield quick profits.

How to stockpile Infinite Dust:
(If you are not an enchanter, just tip an enchanter to DE stuff for you)

disenchant Northrend greens (level 67+, ilvl 130 to 182)
finish all NR quests, run NR dungeons or buy cheap AH greens
buy Abyss Crystal and cast Abyssal Shatter to obtain dust and essences


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