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Cataclysm  introduced new UI and game features designed to make wandering around Azeroth more accessible, immersive, and fun.

Completing  and accepting certain new quests in the field is now as easy as clicking a button.  No more running to a quest giver to turn in, leading to an increase in obesity in the WoW population.

Quest NPC objective windows. Think 3D “Wanted: Dead or Alive posters.”

Highlighted quest NPC names in red, yellow, or green (hostile, neutral, or friendly) that help you find the right mob to kill (because man-bear-pigs look so much like bear-man-pigs from a distance). You can disable this if you think such hand-holding makes the game less immersive for you.

Resource bars for keeping track of debuffs and times in selected quests or encounters.

Allowing multiple players to tag or “tap” a single creature (I’m looking at you, Problin.)

Terrain phasing wherein parts of the environment (objects, NPCs, mountains or entire cities) are hidden or revealed depending on your stage of questing, leading to a more engaging and dynamic  questing experience or just leaving you disoriented and scratching your head.

Personal summons. In “Peacebloom vs. Ghouls,” you get your personal Botanist Brazie, your own lawn to cultivate, and waves of ghouls to battle with.

Cut-scenes. Cut-scenes. And did I mention cut-scenes? In times like these, the escape key is you friend.

Head to the official WoW forum post for more discussion on the new features’ purpose and functionality, or give feedback on how they’ve contributed to your leveling experience in Cataclysm.


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