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Did anyone say FREE WoW pets?

Veteran WoW-blogger Saate of Massively Obsessed and a bunch of his friends just launched a series of competitions and are giving away pet loot cards as prizes. Yes, you can now retire your cockroach and snowshoe rabbit companions.

Q: What awesome WoW pets can I snag?

A: Landro’s lil XTPaintbombSlashdance

Q: Can you show me where to click?

A: You betcha!

[Saate] – like him on Facebook or Twitter or to his face (CLOSED)

[Anaalius’ Hunt for Gold] – send him a screenshot of your pet

[Bangkok Bill’s World of Goldcraft] – tell him about your favorite charity

[Alto’s Goldish Advice] – just get plain lucky with RNG (CLOSED)

[The Consortium] – be part of their twisted plan

Do you know anyone else giving away WoW freebies? Help spread the word.


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